Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Exams + I’m going on holiday! (Again)

Ahhh man, it’s that time of year when everything is drawing to a close and everyone is just looking
forward to finishing and embracing summer. Only one slight problem, before that can happen, first we must endure and hopefully past the dreaded exams.

Exams are a pain and that’s no lie. They were a pain at school, a pain at College and still a pain at University. Sadly unless you’re clever enough to choose to do a subject which is entirely coursework based and thus avoid exams, then you just have to suck up and deal with it.

University exams do differ massively from A-levels. Firstly, your exam is unlikely to be the only assessment you have for one subject. This means that by working out the scores you got in your coursework, you should be able to go into the exam knowing or at least having some indication of how you have done over all. This is reassuring, trust me. Because even if the exam and the questions asked turn out to be total poo, you know that it’s not the end of the world and even if you fail the exam, you probably will still pass the course. Neat eh?

Like many of my post, I think when it comes to exams is just to be clever and think about it. That might sounds redundant and obvious, but let me explain. Be clever about how much work you’re going to have to do in terms about revising, think about the best revising method which is suited to your learning style. See, it all makes sense now.

So as you can probably imagine, I’m currently in revision mode. I actually want to do my exams and get them over and done with, simply because I am so tired and god damn bored of revision! Once I've finished my exams I am finished for the year! Woo. To celebrate, I and some friends are going to Spain for a week. After which there all going back to London and I am spending an additional few days travelling round Spain by myself... which should be interesting!

I thought I’ll spend a little bit of time relaxing before having commit myself to spending the whole of the summer working full time to financially compensate for my somewhat lavish lifestyle.

So that’s just a little update for now and some advice from my perspective. I’ll check in, in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll make it through exam season alive and unscathed. Wish me luck, yeah?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Student Union Elections

Hello people, how are you?

Good, I am glad. I am also well. I have finally submitted all of my coursework! However unfortunately I still have exams to revise for, so sadly I am not totally free, at least not yet...

I still am however ridiculously busy still. This week in addition of working, starting revision, I also have family visiting which I have to entertain, fun. But no, that is me just being cynical and harsh; Of course it is nice to have family visiting, just at a very annoying time somewhat.

Anyway, in my previous blogs I have mentioned about the Student Union elections. In every university, the Students Union is a democratically elected body. Elected by students for students. This is the second year that I was involved in the elections. The first I was simply campaigning for my friend's political party, who I actually did think were the best people for the job. This year however I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to run myself as a part time officer. I was elected Volunteering Officer by a majority and I am very happy with this position. As a part time officer, I will have this role in addition to completing my third year of study. What will I do as Volunteering Officer? Well, that is a good question. It is a new role that has only been introduced this year, so I don't really have any predecessors to compare myself to; which is good and bad I suppose. Nevertheless I do have a few things lined up and I am looking forward to getting stuck in.

Student Union elections are a fantastic opportunity to get further involved in your union and make an actual and positive change. It's neither as scary nor intense as you may thing, while having a good political understanding is helpful. The Union will support you by offering seminars and presentations about the elections to give you the best possible chance. Similar to a real election, you have to write your own manifestos, attend and speak at Candidate Question Times (also known as hustings) and have a limited amount of resources, so you have to be clever about the options you make.

To finish off, I would highly recommend getting involved in your Student’s Union. Never ever in your life will you have access to an organisation like this that exists purely for your benefit. So whether it’s working for them, helping run a sports team or the committee, or standing for election, it all benefits you! It gives you skills, opportunities and chances that you’re never get elsewhere in your life.