Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Hello again my millions of readers (ha), this is just another quick blog about stuff.

I thought in this blog I would say a quick point about accommodation.  As I mentioned in my previous blog I am local to London and Greenwich is my local university, but I still decided to move away from home. Living at home while studying works for some people, some of my friends still live at home and they’re happy, but it’s just not for me and you yourself have to make that decision whether or not you want to move away from home. Halls has a lot of benefits but a few disadvantages (e.g. the cost!) but nevertheless it is a good university experience.

Staying on the topic of halls, I know a lot of new students have recently been placed at Avery Hill accommodation as opposed to their choices in Greenwich. While I’m probably supposed to be impartial, trust me when I say Avery Hill is good if not better than Greenwich. While you have to get a 20 minute shuttle bus to and from uni (which is what I do), Avery Hill has more students on site, a gym, tennis courts, fields, a pond and Sparrows(our SU nightclub). And the rent is a lot cheaper as well.  so for those of you who have been placed at Avery, chill out, it is better and don’t worry!

Now onto other things: I start second year in a few weeks and I still have so much stuff to do. I have to move out of my Mum’s house into halls, organise and sort out a load of stuff for Fresher’s Fair and the next rock climbing society (which I’m president of) open day as well as go out for my birthday next week (which will be very messy…I’m going to be 20! What a rubbish age to be, no longer a teenager but neither an adult) and then I have to say goodbye to all my friends who are going to uni away from London, no doubt that will be equally as messy. So lots and lots of stuff to do, but then again I’m the type of person who somewhat enjoys being ridiculously busy and a couple (several) beverages. But still, busy busy busy.

Oh and a quick note about sports teams and societies are a really good part of university, it’s an instant way to make friends and have a laugh, if you are interested in them check out our Student Union page!

Soo yeah, that’s another blog from me and some more senseless rambling for you to digest, all the links are below. Hope you have a nice weekend; I’m now off for end of work drinks, bye bye!