Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Eric Blog

Hello people! It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks since with Fresher’s, starting my second year, working and having a social life.

Fresher’s was amazing; just a really good laugh having a good time with good people, I really enjoyed it. It’s even better as a first year as you don’t have any of that introductory stuff in the first week, so you can actually get some sleep! The SU really pulled out all the stops this year with some amazing events, including the Fresher Fairs. I now have enough free stuff to last me for the year. There was also a big mobile rock climbing wall at both the fairs as well, which I was responsible for running as president of the Climbing Society.

Stuff has only recently actually start to settle down and slot into a regular flow of things, but saying that there always is new things and challenges every week. For example this week I've been hobbling on crutches…Hockey, foot, painful.  So that’s been a whole barrel of laughs, although crutches are quite useful to prod and hit people with.

Second year is strange; it’s quite difficult to adjust, just because it is so different. For one, this year does actually count! It’s going quite well though, well relatively so anyway. I just need to put more effort into doing the reading instead of catching up with my favourite American shows (Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead etc.).

In my blogs I always try to have a useful message (as opposed to me just rambling on and on and on...). In this blog I’m just going to give a quick word of advice about choosing courses. So people always say choose what you enjoy and I can’t stress that enough. Don’t choose a subject because you think you should do it, pick and study a subject because you want to do it and because you have a genuine interest in that field of study.  There is no point in paying £9,000 a year (in most cases) to study a course just because you've been told to study that course for whatever reason. It’s you who has to pay the tuition fees, you who have to study it; therefore it should be who you pick the course. So do your re-search, look at all the different courses offered, look into the units that course offers and then make a well informed and a right decision J

Also, this is Eric. He’s an avocado plant, and I've been made to blog about him by my good friend http://gre-denise.blogspot.co.uk/). Like most plants, Eric likes to do plant like things. He’s likes to chill out in the sun, soak up the rays, turn it into food and then eventually grow into an avocado. Eric lives in our office (The Enquiry Unit) and is a valued member of our team. We all love Eric and can’t wait to eat what he produces. Check back for regular updates!
Denise (

So yeah, that’s it for now. I will post another blog soon (he says) about life and stuff. Enjoy the weekend!