Tuesday, 27 May 2014

And it’s all over.

Hello my friends, as the title of this entry may suggest, the academic year (for me at least) is now over! My exams are done, I’ve passed the year with a 2:1 (just) and I go to Spain next
Saturday (woo)!

It’s been pretty hectic the last week, with the term ending, several friends having birthdays and my summer ball just gone on the previous Friday. They had bumper cars at the summer ball, which was hilarious and also quite sickening.

Once I come back from Spain, I have a week in London, in which I have to work and move house before then going away for another three weeks. This time it’s for work! So at least I’ll be earning money as opposed to spending it – which is always nice I suppose.

Then sadly, I return to London and spend the next two months working full time for the university. Which for some reason I am actually looking forward to – the university and my office (the Enquiry Unit) move into a period known as Clearing. It’s hard work, intense, long, tiresome but ultimately it is quite fun and a good laugh.

As ever I always like my entries to have a useful message and this one is no exception. My piece of useful advice this time is to make use of the summer. Make use of the two/three months you have free and plan for the next year. That could be either working or gaining experience (and money), doing an internship or preparing for your course via reading and researching. Just any additional work that could be put in is good until September starts and summer sadly comes to a close. 

So that’s it really, I’ll try and check in while I can. Enjoy the sun! (when it is actually out). 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Two down, one to go!

So just another short and simple update from me. I’ve done two out of three of my exams! I’ve gotten the two harder ones out of the way and now I only have one left.

I’ll be so happy once I finish my exams, things are just a lot easier. Nor can I wait for Summer! Longer days, better weather and everyone is just happier.

I just have one exam left and that is my politics exam. It may be weird but I am actually looking forward to this exam. That may be because it’s simply my last exam or the fact that I am quietly confident about it. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my lecture told us all the exam questions in advance – what an awesome guy! If only all my lecturers were so kind, it’ll sure make my life a whole lot easier...

On the plus side, I also go to Spain in less than three weeks! I and a few friends are going to one of my friend’s family villa in Murcia. It’s nothing special, but I’m just looking forward to lounging by the pool for a week literally doing nothing after the stress of the last month. We’re only in Murcia for the week, then all my friends are going back to London and for some reason I’m going to go travelling by myself for a few days. I plan mainly to go to Madrid. I am looking forward to it, but it is the first time I’ll be going travelling by myself… It is quite scary but at least it is only for three or four days and I have found a fantastic ‘party’ hostel, so that should be interesting!   

Also found out some interesting stats today about my blog... In total I have posted eleven times (excluding this one) and had over 600 page views! Neat, huh?! (Side tangent: does anyone actually use neat in that context anymore? I think more people should). How many of those page views are my lecturers checking up on what I’m saying about them or my family checking up what I am saying about them/doing with myself at university is yet to be seen…

Anyway, that was just a cheeky little update. I’ll try and post again before I jet off to Spain!


DISCLAIMER: I would just like to point out that I pay for all of these little holidays and cool things I do by working ridiculously hard to try and finance my somewhat extravagant lifestyle – that and making perfectly good use of my overdraft… (Not that I would recommend that to anyone)