Monday, 24 February 2014

So it’s been a while….

Hello my friends!

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last entry, I have literally been swamped! In addition to having to work (to earn enough money to offset my ridiculous expenditure), keep on top of university work (easier said than done), maintain commitments to sports teams, friends and family, and still fit in some sleep is a mighty challenge!

So just to catch you all up, in terms of uni work it’s been pretty hectic, at the moment it’s just one assignment after another and it’s just so tiresome! But I guess it all be worth it in the end  (or so he says). I am about to do a 4,000 word project on the Chislehurst Caves which should be fairly interesting and I got a first in my politics essay/presentation! If only I got similar marks in all my other courses…

Hockey fortunately hasn't preoccupied much of my time, fortunately we’re coming to the end of the season and not many games left... We did win our last game 22-0 though! Which was quite cool. 

I've also started to learn how to drive! Growing up in London previously I never needed too nor had the excess money to learn how to drive, but I thought I will while at university. Putting my loan to good use at least! And I haven’t seriously crashed or injured anyone yet, so going well!

It’s also election time in my SU, which is very exciting. Voting is very important as is the SU at any University. Details can be found here:

Also, not to make you all jealous, I’m going to Rome next Thursday! I and my friend are visiting for a long weekend and I can’t wait. Just to escape the horrors and terrors of everyday urban life and just escape for an isolated weekend. Rest assured I will be posting excessive pictures and tales and such.

Finally, I must apologise again for how long it’s taken me to post another update, I will try and be better! But, because I know so many of you must be worryingly yourself silly, Eric is okay! Eric the office avocado plant is healthy, well, and striving. He even had a play date yesterday with a friend.

I’ll try post another update before Rome, if not, speak to you all soon!