Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hey guys! This blog is going to be all about the UCAS process known as Clearing. For those of you who don’t know Clearing is something that you are entered into when you do not hold any UCAS offers of a place at University. Once you are in Clearing you can contact universities individually to see if they will accept you onto their course.

Clearing is a very high pressured and daunting situation. You have hundreds of thousands of potential students all fighting over the last few remaining places at university. Yet, there’s no reason to fear or to worry or to stress out, as long as you properly prepare and think about your actions!

Research what university you want to go to properly and what course you want to undertake. Ultimately it’s your choice to make as it’s your degree and you who pays the tuition loan so make sure you pick the choice that’s right for you!

There are plenty of good independent websites online that will provide you with impartial and accurate information about what university you want to do and where a certain course can take you in terms of your career and educational progressions. Once you have selected the universities and courses that you wish to apply for, then get prepared! Get all your affairs in order, so when you contact the university you can give them your UCAS number and then hopefully they can take an application from you and you can get a place. You also have to make sure that when contacting universities that you are actually in Clearing, i.e. you’re not holding offers or referred to any other institutions. You know you are in Clearing as it will say on your |UCAS track status: ‘In Clearing’.

Ultimately, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. If you are worried about receiving your results on August 16th, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few hours already online, looking at alternative universities and courses. So that if the worse should happen on results day, you are already prepared!

I hope that this little nugget of advice helps all of you who are reading this. Finally remember, the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask…

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hello again.

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this blog. If truth be told I have sat down several times to start writing this and always somehow get distracted and or somehow lose what I have already done.

It has been a mental month since we last spoke. I believe my last entry was when I was on the train to Edinburgh to begin what turned into a stressful yet very enjoyable three weeks of escorting my American delegation around the UK and Ireland. We started off touring around Scotland, in the Scottish Highlands, White Water River rafting and learning about Scottish culture. We then caught the ferry (my first time on a ferry) across the water to Northern Ireland. 

When we were there we learnt about the troubles that had plagued Belfast in the past and also got to visit the Northern Ireland parliament, Stormont, which was a very impressive building. From Belfast down to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland where we spent a few days staying with local families and learning about traditional Gaelic sports like Gaelic football and hurling.  

From Ireland onto another ferry across to Wales, where we spent a couple of nights staying at the base of Mount Snowden. 

From Wales across the border to Chester and then down to Warwick where we had an exclusive medieval themed night at Warwick castle which ended with the world’s largest trebuchet firing a massive ball of fire. Then we ended our three week tour in London doing the traditional things such as a tour, the London Eye and a theatre show.

While the above may all sound very glamorous, looking after thirty people and being responsible for carrying out the packed pre-arranged itinerary was very hard and tiring work. Although it was a very rewarding experience in which I got to meet some very impressive young adults from Arizona.

Coming home to a house than I had previously only spent one night in before going travelling was a strange experience which made coming home all the more difficult. However once I settled into work again, and began to start to have a routine, it became easier. Now I spend my days working 9 till 5 in the Enquiry Unit helping callers with whatever may be the problem.

I always like my entries to have a purpose and this one is no different. I was only able to go travelling round the UK and Ireland for three weeks and getting paid too because I said yes. When an external company came to the university to give an employee presentation, I went, listened, made notes, realised that this is something I want to go and so I did. Once I realised I wanted to do it I put all my effort into doing so, to achieve my goals. I believe that is something that can apply to numerous aspects in life. If you really want something, then take it. Do whatever you need to do to achieve your goals. That can also be applied to Clearing which I’ll speak about in my next post.

So long for now chums!