Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My First Blog :)

Hello, my name is Carney and I have just completed my first year of my History degree at the University of Greenwich. This blog is just a general overview of what I get up to here at University.  In this entry I’m just going to cover a few things, like about me, accommodation, my course and SU Sports Teams & Societies and a little word about Fresher’s.

So a little bit more information about me first, I grew up in South East London and Greenwich has always been my local university. I went to Greenwich as it was my insurance choice and I failed to achieve a place and my first option. So even though Greenwich was my second option and my local university I have really enjoyed my first year here.

I still moved out into Halls, I live on Avery Hill campus (and will do so again next year) and I study on the Greenwich campus, so I take full advantage of the free shuttle bus service to and from class. I like living on Avery Hill as it’s cheaper, I don’t have to pay for an ensuite (as I wouldn’t want one), plus by living on Avery Hill you are able to meet a lot more people than you would by living there, just access to different networks, plus living at Avery means it’s a lot less distance to walk (crawl) home after a night out at Sparrows (our SU nightclub). I spent the year living in a flat with shared facilities and it was pretty decent.

So like I said I study History and I have enjoyed the course so far. In my first year we weren’t allowed to pick all History modules, we had to pick two other humanities electives. I liked this as I was able to do a Philosophy and a Sociology course as well, in addition to the two other history modules I did.  This mixed it up a bit and made it more interesting.  At first it was slightly weird adjusting to university life (academically), lectures and tutorials are different to that of sixth form classes. Depending on the lecturer, lectures can be really interesting and tutorials are always a laugh.  It’s a lot of work having force yourself to do your ‘homework’ when there are so many distractions, but I think I managed to get a pretty good balance between academic work and my social life, e.g. writing an essay in the pub. But I really like all the academics and get on with all the people on my course.

Another substantial thing to happen to me during my first year was joining a sports team and a society. When I first moved into my student accommodation, I was living with three other people, one who barely spoke any English, the other two who I just didn’t get on with at all (don’t worry, it’s unlucky that. That was why joining a sports team was such a good decision for me during Fresher’s Week. I joined Hockey at the Greenwich Fresher’s Fair and it was probably one of the best decisions I made this year. Straight away you meet so many different people, not only from your team but from all the other sports team as well. Whenever I have spoken to people about Sports teams and Societies, I’ve always compared them to American Fraternities and Sororities, just without the extravagance, as that seemed the easiest way to describe them. It’s also a really good way to keep fit and exercise.

All teams and societies are run by an elected student committee, so you can always get involved in the running of it as well! For example this year I also joined rock Climbing, which is a society, this is structured a little bit different to a sports team, but it is still really good and has the same advantages as a sports team. All sports teams and societies are mangled by SUUG and their web address if you wanted more information is www.suug.co.uk.

And finally just a quick word and about Fresher’s Fortnight, since this is my first blog and I suspect that the majority of people reading it (if anyone actually is) are those who are due to start in September, just a little bit of advice: don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared to talk to people, put yourself out there, everyone is in the same situation and you’ll be surprised at the awesome people you’ll meet.

Until next time, good bye! J