Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Hello again, in accordance with my promise to carry on trying to blog more regularly here is another entry from me!

Third year has been pretty mental so far.

Academically it’s going well and I am actually relatively enjoying it. There is more work, a lot more work, but I do feel more confident in doing it.  It’s so surreal to think that I have nine weeks left of teaching… mental. On the plus side, interestingly, one of the projects I’m currently looking at is how the CIA smuggled and sold crack cocaine in LA to raise money to support rebel fighters fighting against a Government they didn’t like*… mental.

Like I just said, I only have nine weeks of teaching left (as my lectures like to keep on reminding me) and within those nine weeks, there is so much to be done! I have four big projects to do, exams to revise for, a social life to try and keep, hockey to hopefully play, money needed to be earned, future jobs and careers to look for, family vacation to New York and my charity work with the RAG society… mental. Attached is a flyer I designed for the Jailbreak I’m organising (which I spoke about in my last blog) if anyone actually fancies looking further into it.

So my list of things to do can only be described as stressful and I think it may be mental to say that I’m actually looking forward to it all. While no doubt I will be stressed, grumpy and unbelievably over-worked I am somewhat eager to work through it all though and see where the future takes me.

I say this now; give it till the next entry and I’ll probably be pulling my hair out. Don’t worry, my hair is unbelievably thick which annoyingly means I need to get my hair cut and thinned out every two months but on the plus side, I’ll probably never go bald!

Until next time, enjoy!

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