Monday, 16 June 2014

Bloggy update! - Spain

So travelling around Spain was pretty cool… I spent a week near a place called Murcia on the Spanish coast lazing by the pool and the beach. Originally I thought that I would hate it, just lying there not actually doing anything but I actually really enjoyed it. That could be just because that I had a good book and the weather was amazing.

Then after a week by the pool, I headed off to Madrid for a few days all by myself...  This was the first time I had ever been travelling by myself. All the previous trips I’ve been on around Europe had always been with a friend. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty scared….

But all my fears turned out to be unfounded. When I eventually arrived in my hostel in Madrid (after several travel complications) I immediately made friends with people all over the world. It’s quite interesting that the social norms are completely different when you’re travelling, it’s perfectly acceptable just to go and talk to a random person, simply because you and they are in the same place and speak a mutual language.  I experience the local culture in numerous ways, savoured the nightlife (which was immense) and checked out a few churches, cathedrals and museums.

It’s funny though, whenever you go away from home, you spend so long adjusting to a new place or situation. You finally adjust and almost settle into a routine and then you go home! It feels like you were last at home an age ago rather than just a few days.

I’ve attached a few pictures just to show you all and make you jealous. But I got my comeuppance when coming back from Madrid, my flight was delayed by four and a half hours! Damn you Ryanair. This meant that I had missed all the trains back to London from Stansted airport and instead had to trek home using a variety of buses and coaches. I got home at 4.30AM despite arriving at the airport in Madrid at 4.00PM

I’ve now got a week of full time work ahead, while trying to move house and while trying to prepare for going travelling for three weeks for work (not uni work) with 40 American children in town!

I’ll try and submit a quick post before I leave next week. Enjoy the pictures.  Bye! 

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